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Module: ES English for Social Work
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ES English for Social Work
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SB Bachelor
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Version: 5.0 start 01 August 2022
Fachbereich Departement Soziale Arbeit
Studiengang Bachelor in Sozialer Arbeit
Modulniveau Intermediate
Modultyp Related
Angebot Herbst- und Frühlingssemester
Keywords Reading, listening and speaking skills, social work in English-speaking areas, International Social Work
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Kontaktstudium 24                                        
Begleitetes Selbststudium 18
Autonomes Selbststudium 18
Gesamt 60
Verantwortliche Ansprechperson
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Michael Simpson
Kompetenzen Fachkompetenz:
F9: Wissen über internationale Kontexte und Entwicklungen in der Sozialen Arbeit
S2: Fähigkeit zur Gestaltung sozialer Interaktion und Kommunikation
S4: Fähigkeit zum Umgang mit Diversität und Heterogenität
Lernziele The students
  • can communicate (present, inform, exchange opinions and facts, find out information) with peers in a social work context
  • can read, understand & discuss English news and academic articles related to social work
  • learn about and can compare institutions and policies in foreign countries
Lerninhalte (Abstract) In a relaxed atmosphere we practice and develop our English skills using authentic texts like videos, podcasts, articles and academic papers from English-speaking countries. We'll discuss key social work topics in those countries and compare them with our experiences in Switzerland. Vocabulary is chosen from the texts by the students themselves, and practised with fun exercises. For the presentation series, students are given the freedom to explore a topic which interests them. In addition, students can prepare for study weeks, exchange semesters at a partner university and visits from foreign students or international guest speakers.
Leistungsnachweis(e) Two vocabulary quizzes, oral presentation and oral participation
Bibliografie Extracts from the following books may be used in class. Buying them is not necessary. 

Grobman, L. M. (2019). Days in the Lives of Social
Workers. (5th Ed.) Harrisburg PA: New Social Worker Press.
Holland, S. & Scourfield, J. (2015). Social Work: A Very Short
Introduction. Oxford: OUP. 
Bemerkungen The average level is B2-C1, but students from B1 to native speakers have enjoyed this class.




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