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Module: Statics
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Short description

This module sets out to show engineering students the basic concepts and principles of statics in a clear and concise manner. Students systematically develop their problem-solving skills for static issues.

Module coordinator

Eberlein Robert (ebei)

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels
Understanding of basic concepts in statics F K2
Analyzing interaction of forces and moments on rigid bodies F K3
Deriving equilibrium conditions for general systems of forces F, M K3
Determination of static and kinetic friction forces F, M K3
Calculation of center of gravity, center of mass and centroid of an area F, M K3
Calculation of stress resultants in beams, frames and arches F, M K3
Analytical solution of plane truss frameworks for relevant practical applications F, M K4

Module contents

Basic Concepts of Statics

- Short repetition of Newtonian Force and Force Vector
- Representation of a Force
- The Rigid Body
- Classification of Forces
- Free-Body Diagram
- Law of Action and Reaction

Forces with a Common Point of Application

- Addition of Forces in a Plane 
- Decomposition of Forces in a Plane
- Equilibrium in a Plane

- Application Examples

General Systems of Forces

- Couple and Moment of a Couple
- Moment of a Force
- Resultant of Systems of Coplanar Forces and Equilibrium Conditions

- Application Examples
- General Systems of Forces in Space

   - The Moment Vector
   - Equilibrium Conditions
   - Application Examples
- Summary of Equilibrium Conditions

Truss Frameworks

- Support Reactions
- Statically Determinate Trusses
- Determination of the Internal Forces

- Application Examples

Static and Kinetic Friction

- Coulomb Theory of Friction
- Belt Friction

Center of Gravity

- Center of Forces
- Center of Gravity and Center of Mass
- Centroid of an Area

Beams, Frames, Arches

- Plane Structures
- Support Reactions  and Statically Determinate Plane Structures
- Stress Resultants in Straight Beams
- Relationship between Loading and Stress Resultants

Teaching materials

Class textbook: Engineering Mechanics 1: Gross et al., Springer
Class notes by lecturer

Supplementary literature



Analysis 1, algebra und statistics 1

Teaching language

(X) German ( ) English

Part of International Profile

( ) Yes (X) No

Module structure

Type 2a
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Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester 2x exam written 2x
30 min
graded 20%
End-of-semester exam exam written 90 min graded 60%


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Legal basis

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Course: Statik - Vorlesung
Statik - Vorlesung


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