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Module: Product Development for Systems Engineering 2
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Product Development for Systems Engineering 2
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Version: 3.0 start 01 February 2020

Short description

Students extend their skills in the field of product development, teamwork and the transfer of learned factual knowledge into experiential knowledge. This is done taking a practical example from the field of product development.

Module coordinator

Michael Wüthrich, wuem

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels
Students gain a deeper understanding of the methodology applied in the development of mechatronic products by working on a practical task (project). In teams, they demonstrate their ability to work independently and to focus on the project goals.
(1) They apply the methodology for developing mechatronic products they learnt in the previous semester and work independently in project teams. M, SO K3
(2) They can develop and rate project concepts from the initial idea to the final design and visualise their results with the help of drawings, simulations and CAD models. F, M K5
(3) They are able to form and organise an effective project group, to work independently as a team on an assignment and to give appropriate feedback. M, SO K3 (K6)
(4) They are able to conduct research, to summarise the most important findings and to pass these on to the project group and/or class. M K2
(5) They are able to write a complete, correct technical report and to refer sources appropriately. M K5
(6) They can present their own technical decisions and solutions objectively, clearly and convincingly orally and in writing. M K5

Module contents

1. Independent learning of theory with the support of lecturers:
- Procedure for developing mechatronic products
Drafting a technical report
- Citing sources correctly
- Conducting research
Situational, if needed in the project:
- Selection and calculation of machine elements
- Fundamentals of simulation of mechanical systems
2. Excersises
- Group work: product development project from the initial idea to the final design (CAD, 3d model)
- Technical presentation
- Technical report

Teaching materials

Lecture materials:
- lecture course script (extract)
- 3D Experience: online help and tutorials

Supplementary literature



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Teaching language

(X) German ( ) English

Part of International Profile

( ) Yes (X) No

Module structure

Type 4
  For more details please click on this link: T_CL_Modulauspraegungen_SM2025


Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester presentation oral 30 min grade 30%
Project U2 project written semester grade 70%


The exact number and type of performance records (exams, reports, presentations) depends on the practical project, so there may be some adjustments to during the semester.

Legal basis

The module description is part of the legal basis in addition to the general academic regulations. It is binding. During the first week of the semester a written and communicated supplement can specify the module description in more detail.


Course: Produktentwicklung Systemtechnik 2 - Praktikum
Produktentwicklung Systemtechnik 2 - Praktikum


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