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Module: Project Module 1
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Project Module 1
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Version: 2.0 start 01 February 2019

Short description

Students learn to solve mechanical engineering tasks independently and in a team. Besides creative idea generation and the search for solutions, students learn to develop designs, to display them professionally by hand and with CAD, and to dimension them.

Module coordinator

Burri Adrian (burd)

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels
The students…    
Professionsal expertise (F)    
…learn to present their own ideas with the help of schematic sketches. F K3
...are able to correctly display machinery concepts graphically in the fields of bearings, castings and gearboxes in design drawings and assembly drawings according to the norm. F K3
…develop knowledge about casting production processes and are able to graphically display correctly constructed castings F K3
…deepen their knowledge in the fields of rota and milling and use it correctly in the  constructive dimensioning of the assignment F K4
…are able to independently and correctly apply knowledge (especially machine elements and CAD) from other modules in the course of study (construction, l F K4
...are able to draw up the designs they have developed in CAD F K3
Methods expertise    
…learn to read problem definitions and to transform them into a project M K4
…learn to clarify the demands based on an assignment and inquire about necessary information or obtain it through research M K5
…are able to methodically develop solutions to the problem with the help of various tools M K4
...are able to calculate the cost of components and assemblies             M K3
…learn to think in variations and to justify decisions based on those variations M K6
…are able to document the progress of their project appropriate to the target group M K3

…learn to communicate ideas and solutions appropriate to the target group in a convincing fashion

M K3
…are able to realistically evaluate their job performance and workload SK K4
…assume responsibility for their own development SK K4

…learn to challenge their solutions critically and handle feedback

Social competence    
… are able to communicate objectively with various stakeholders in a manner appropriate to their role So K3

Module contents

Solving of development tasks in mechanical engineering with practice-based communication


Development and construction methodology with the aid of bearing and casting exercises


Application of development tools

Teaching materials

Documents on the moodle platform

Textbook: “Machine Elements” by Roloff/Matek incl. book of tables

Swissmem [Swiss Association of Mechanical and Electrical Industries] Excerpt of Standards

Supplier documentation

Supplementary literature

Own research efforts

Decker: “Machine Elements”

Dubbel: “Handbook for Mechanical Engineering”

European teaching aid, Specialized knowledge of metals



Teaching language

(X) German ( ) English

Part of International Profile

( ) Yes (X) No

Module structure

Type 4
  For more details please click on this link: T_CL_Modulauspraegungen_SM2025


Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester Project Project documentation 90 hrs Grading 40%
End-of-semester exam Development project written 5 hrs Grading 60%



Legal basis

The module description is part of the legal basis in addition to the general academic regulations. It is binding. During the first week of the semester a written and communicated supplement can specify the module description in more detail.
Course: Projektmodul 1 - Praktikum
Projektmodul 1 - Praktikum


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