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Module: Transportation Project 1
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Transportation Project 1
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Short description

In Basic Project 1 you first measure and analyse the movement of a train ride and then create a quarter car model to analyse simple driving dynamics scenarios. The work in Basic Project 1 goes under the motto "Measuring, Modelling, Communicating".

Module coordinator

Pernstich Kurt (pern)

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels
After the completion of the Basic Project 1 you can ...    
… carry out measurements with various measuring instruments   K1-K2
… plan and carry out simple measurements and critically review the measurement results   K3-K6
… analyze and display measurement and simulation data (digital skills)   K4-K6
… apply and improve the basics of project management in a hands-on project   K3
… work on a project in a team and actively shape and reflect on team behavior   K4-K6
… expand your social and personal skills and develop a personal, reflected way of working   K5
… transfer knowledge from subject-specific subjects and applying it within the framework of a project work   K3
… divide a project task into sub-problems that can be solved computer-aided (computational thinking)   K4
… create a comprehensive system dynamic model (stock-flow concept) and research suitable model parameters or determine them by measurement   K3-K5
… perform an optimization of model parameters and estimate the limits of applicability   K3-K6
… carry out simulations and evaluate, interpret and present the results in a clear and concise manner.   K3-K6
… convincingly describe the measurements, the model and the simulations in a technical report   K4-K5

Module contents

In Basic Project 1, you will work on two projects lasting several weeks. In the first project, you analyze the movement of a train ride which you either measure or simulate with OpenTrack. You calculate the location and the velocity from acceleration data using vector, integral and differential calculus from the Linear Algebra and Analysis modules. A project planning helps you to work on the project in a structured way, and at the same time, you apply contents from the Communications module practically. You communicate your results in the form of a short, written report.
In the second project, you work in a team, which makes project planning even more important. The aim of the project is to create a so-called quarter car model, with which simple driving dynamics scenarios can be analyzed, for example the effect of speed when driving over a speed bumper. To make modeling easier, you first perform measurements on cart on a track and then create a preliminary model that can be verified with measurements. Through your own research, you will find the parameters required to create the actual quarter car model. When modelling, you use methods and software tools, which were introduced in physics lessons. You analyze and evaluate the results of the simulation and communicate your findings in the form of a presentation.

Teaching materials

Written and oral instructions on the individual tasks; blackboard sketches; handouts; self-study documents; source code; measuring instruments and experimental set-ups

Supplementary literature

Documents for the module Physics 1
Documents for the Communication Competence 1 module
Documents for Module Analysis 1 and Linear Algebra 1



Teaching language

(X) German ( ) English

Part of International Profile

( ) Yes (X) No

Module structure

Type 4
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Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester project activities written report 1 report grading  
Graded assignments during teaching semester project activities presentation 1 presentation grading  



Legal basis

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Course: Grundlagenprojekt 1 - Praktikum
Grundlagenprojekt 1 - Praktikum


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