s.BA.SA.ES-SWIS-0.19HS (ES International Social Work - A Two-Week Exchange with the WSU, Ohio) 
Module: ES International Social Work - A Two-Week Exchange with the WSU, Ohio
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ES International Social Work - A Two-Week Exchange with the WSU, Ohio
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SB Bachelor
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Version: 4.0 start 01 February 2021
Fachbereich Departement Soziale Arbeit
Studiengang Bachelor in Sozialer Arbeit
Modulniveau Intermediate
Modultyp Related
Angebot Frühlingssemester
Keywords Comparative social welfare, Internationality, Interculturality
Workload (in Stunden)
Kontaktstudium 48                                   
Begleitetes Selbststudium 36
Autonomes Selbststudium 36
Gesamt 120
Verantwortliche Ansprechperson
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Weitere Dozierende
Dr. des. Anne Schillig
+41 58 934 85 45 / anne.schillig@zhaw.ch
Dr. Katja Girschik
+41 58 934 89 15 / katja.girschik@zhaw.ch
Kompetenzen Fachkompetenz:
F1: Wissen über die Gesellschaft und die gesellschaftlichen Teilsysteme
F9: Wissen über internationale Kontexte und Entwicklungen in der Sozialen Arbeit
S4: Fähigkeit zum Umgang mit Diversität und Heterogenität
Lernziele The students
  • work on a common and current social work topic with students from the Wright State University (WSU) Dayton, Ohio, and compare the US and the Swiss system/reality.
  • draw conclusions by looking at the common topic from the respective cultural and subject-specific perspective.
  • deepen their knowledge of social work issues on an international scale.
Lerninhalte (Abstract) In this spring semester, the seminar will be held in Zurich (on site/hybrid/online). The topic is “Comparative social challenges: US and Switzerland”. Students interact with social work professionals and have a closer look at concepts, strategic approaches and interventions. They present and discuss selected social work topics from their respective cultural and subject-specific perspective. Also current challenges and issues (like structrual racism and the formation of recent movements like "Black Lives Matter") will be discussed. Besides the professional exchange the students have the unique opportunity to discuss with students and lecturers of the Social Work Department of a US university.
Leistungsnachweis(e) Oral presentation, compulsory attendance
Bibliografie Moser, J. (2008). Der schweizerische Wohlfahrtsstaat. Frankfurt/
New York: Campus
Riedi, A. M., Zwilling, M., Meier Kressig, M., Benz Bartoletta, P. &
Aebi Zindel, D. (Hrsg.). (2013). Handbuch Sozialwesen Schweiz. Bern: Haupt.
Segal, E. (2010). Social Welfare Policy and Social Programs.
Belmont: Brooks/Cole.
Bemerkungen Maximum number of participants: 8 BSc students (in addition to 4 MSc students).




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