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Module: Physik 3: Factory Physics
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Physik 3: Factory Physics
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Short description

The Factory Physics module focuses on the dynamics of operational processes. The course analyses the various sources of variability in operational processes. For the mathematical description of these processes, models from queueing theory are used. The models are illustrated with practical examples.

Module coordinator

Bütikofer Stephan (buts)

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels
Describe queuing systems with analytically solvable, stochastic models F K3
Understand how variability affects the key performance indicators of an operational process F, M K2, K4
Use queuing models for case studies M, SE K3, K4, K5, K6

Module contents

The description and modelling of the dynamics of operational processes are the focus of this course. The different sources of variability in operational processes are analyzed. For the mathematical description of the processes models from the queueing theory are used. The models are illustrated with selected practical examples.

The module is structured as follows:
  • Introduction to dynamics of operational processes
  • Performance indicators and variability in operational processes
  • Queuing systems M/M/c and G/G/c, with/without priority rules; exact, analytical formulas and approximation formulas
  • Possibilities and limits of modeling with queues
  • Queuing systems with multiple products
  • Approaches to the reduction of variability
  • Selected case studies

Teaching materials

Presentation Slides, notes on blackboard

Supplementary literature

Further textbooks will be announced in the lecture.



Teaching language

(X) German, Documents in English

Part of International Profile

( ) Yes (X) No

Module structure

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Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester          
End-of-semester exam exam oral 30 min marking 100%



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Course: Physik 3: Factory Physics - Vorlesung
Physik 3: Factory Physics - Vorlesung


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