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Module: Product Development for Systems Engineering 4
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Product Development for Systems Engineering 4
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Short description

Product development in the context of systems engineering 4

Module coordinator

Elspass Wilfried (eswd)

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels

The students pally the methodical development process with emphasis on the concept phase for a machatronic product. They deepen the applied knowledge in the filed of systems engineering by doing a semester project in teams of max. 9 students. At the same time the non-technical skills are also trained.
Conceptional implementation of a development project for a mechtronic component or system, advanced understanding of application of simulation methods (fe-method), fundamentals of methods of the product development process (VDI 2206, VDI 2221, use-value analysis, FMEA, creativity methods), integration of simulation tools in the product development process, integration of actuators and sensors, signal analysis, multi-functional materials (piezoelectric mateials for actuator and sensor application, fundamentals of  fiber reinforced materials for energy efficient structures, functional prototyps with additive manufacturing. F, M, S L1 to L6

Module contents

Methodical and structured development process and course of action, concept phase, derivation of concepts variants, evaluation, virtual and physical prototyps, systems integration, fundamentals of electromechanical transducers, numerical & experimental modal analysis, fundamentals of fiber reinforced plastics, rapid prototyping for mechatronic products

Teaching materials

Lecture note, handouts in  pdf-f

Supplementary literature

Product Design & Development, Ulrich Eppinger, Mac Graw Hill, ISBN 9789352601851



Teaching language

( ) German (X) English

Part of International Profile

(X) Yes ( ) No

Module structure

Typ 4
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Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester Project report, presentation, test written, oral 30 min each mark 100%
End-of-semester exam          



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Course: Product Development for Systems Engineering 4 - Praktikum
Product Development for Systems Engineering 4 - Praktikum


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