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Module: Web Development
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Web Development
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Short description

Introduction to current web technologies

Module coordinator

Burkert Gerrit (bkrt)

Learning objectives (competencies)

Objectives Competences Taxonomy levels
The students master client- and server side programming in JavaScript in order to develop web applications.   F, M K1-K3
They understand the basics of web architecture, markup languages (HTML), styling languages (CSS)m the browser DOM (document object model), and asynchroneous client server communication (Ajax). F, M K1-K3
They understand the functionality of web frameworks for developing client-side single page applications and are able to make use of such a framework to create web applications F, M K1-K3

Module contents

Introduction to JavaScript and Node.js (12 Lessons)

  • JS Engines, ECMAScript- and JavaScript versions and alternatives, transpiler
  • Basics: variables, data types, arrays, functions
  • Object Model: objects, constructors, prototypes, classes
  • Asynchroneous function execution, callbacks, event queue, promises
  • Webserver with Node.js: module system, JSON, RESTful APIs

JavaScript in the browser (8 Lessons)

  • Document Object Model
  • Event handling in the browser
  • Asynchroneous client server communication (Ajax, Fetch API)
  • State (Cookies, Sessions) and Authentication
Web framework (8 Lessons)
  • Developing a framework for single page applications
  • Component architecture and render method
  • State of components, properties, component types
  • Life cycle of components
  • Event handling and routing
  • State container

Teaching materials

Various online sources and articles

Supplementary literature



HTML and CSS Basics
  • Elements, tags, attributes
  • Structure of an HTML document
  • Hyperlinks, images, lists
  • CSS rules, selectors
  • Text formatting with CSS
  • Box model and positioning elements
Recommended tutorial:

Learn to Code HTML & CSS
From Lesson 1 „Building Your First Web Page” to Lesson 9 „Adding Media” 

Teaching language

(X) German ( ) English

Part of International Profile

( ) Yes (X) No

Module structure

Type 3a
  For more details please click on this link: T_CL_Modulauspraegungen_SM2025


Description Type Form Scope Grade Weighting
Graded assignments during teaching semester Various     grade 20%
End-of-semester exam Exam written (*) 60min (*) grade 80%

(*) A Moodle exam of 60min duration is planned. If this is not possible due to access to generative language AI tools, a written exam of 90min duration will take place.



Legal basis

The module description is part of the legal basis in addition to the general academic regulations. It is binding. During the first week of the semester a written and communicated supplement can specify the module description in more detail.


Course: Web-Entwicklung - Praktikum
Web-Entwicklung - Praktikum


  • No module description is available in the system for the cut-off date of 01 August 2099.
Course: Web-Entwicklung - Vorlesung
Web-Entwicklung - Vorlesung


  • No module description is available in the system for the cut-off date of 01 August 2099.