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Modul: Master Thesis
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Master Thesis


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Degree Program MSc in Environment and Natural Resources

900 h

The module consists of three courses (Milestones 1, 2, and 3) which can be taken either in one semester (full-time) or over several semesters.

Module Coordinator Dirk Steuerwald

Institute of Natural Resource Sciences and degree programme partner institution tutors.

Entry Requirements

Students should be able to:

  • explain in detail, deliver presentations on and apply the specialist knowledge and research methods covered in the "Project Work in Research Unit 1" and "Project Work in Research Unit 2" modules,
  • critically examine and discuss the key perspectives and schools of thought in their subject area, in the context of broader societal issues.
Learning Outcomes and Competences

Students will be able to:

  • independently develop ideas and concepts for solving scientific problems.
  • independently plan, carry out and evaluate academic work in their subject area.
  • independently develop ideas and concepts for solving scientific problems.
  • independently apply the research methodology relevant to their field of study and competently document research results.
  • independently apply and further develop suitable scientific methods, even in new, unfamiliar and interdisciplinary contexts.
  • document their academic work research in a written manuscript and deliver an oral presentation in a competent and expert manner.
Module Content

As part of the Master's thesis, students expand and deepen their specialist knowledge of their subject area to an expert level and use this knowledge to produce a complete scientific paper which includes a defined research component. They become professionals who can independently plan, conduct and evaluate research projects.

 The Master's thesis includes

  • independent, scientific work
  • largely independent research activities
  • formulating and investigating working hypotheses and research questions
  • academic writing with a focus on the research community as a target audience
  • combining specialist knowledge and research methodologies
Milestone 1 Course

Choice of topic and disposition include choosing a topic, delivering a disposition presentation, and submitting a written thesis disposition to Complesis

Milestone 2 Course

Implementation is specifically dedicated to collecting and evaluating data, writing the thesis, etc.

Milestone 3 Course

Submission and defence include submitting a thesis to Complesis and an oral defence in front of an expert panel

Teaching / Learning Methods
  • individual and guided self-study
  • practice-oriented learning
  • applied research in a specific subject area
Assessment of Learning
Milestone 1 course (pass/fail):
Independently developed, written research plan (disposition) and oral presentation in front of an expert panel (examined). In the event that the course is marked as failed, the work can be resubmitted (SO §11).

Milestone 2 course (pass/fail):
Execution of the thesis (not examined)

Milestone 3 course (graded):
Independent, written academic work. Oral defence of thesis in front of an expert panel (two grades). The course grade is comprised of the grade for the written paper (weighted 75%) and the grade for the oral defense (weighted 25%). The thesis may be improved upon and resubmitted according to SO §11. A failed oral defence can be improved upon and repeated (SO §12).

Course grades are rounded to the nearest quarter grade (RPO § 42).

The module is considered passed if all three courses (Milestones 1-3) are completed successfully. The course grade for Milestone 3 (RPO § 43) is used as the module grade.
Bibliography Dependent on the topic
Language German or English
Comments Details about the module and the individual contents of the Milestones can be found in the Master's Thesis information sheet in the Moodle course for the Master's Thesis MSc ENR.