s.BA.SA.ES-STVI-0.19HS (ES Study Visits to Swiss Social and Health Care Institutions (1)) 
Module: ES Study Visits to Swiss Social and Health Care Institutions (1)
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ES Study Visits to Swiss Social and Health Care Institutions (1)
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SB Bachelor
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Version: 3.0 start 01 August 2020
Fachbereich Departement Soziale Arbeit
Studiengang Bachelor in Sozialer Arbeit
Modulniveau Intermediate
Modultyp Related
Angebot Herbstsemester
Keywords Interprofessional Collaboration, Social Care, Health Care, International Comparison of Welfare Systems
Workload  (in Stunden)
Kontaktstudium 24                                        
Begleitetes Selbststudium 18
Autonomes Selbststudium 18
Gesamt 60
Verantwortliche Ansprechperson
Telefon / E-Mail
Weitere Dozierende
Esther Bussmann, Dipl. SA FH
+41 58 934 89 82 / esther.bussmann@zhaw.ch
René Schaffert, lic. phil.
+41 58 934 63 54 / rene.schaffert@zhaw.ch
Kompetenzen Fachkompetenz:
F9: Wissen über internationale Kontexte und Entwicklungen in der Sozialen Arbeit
S1: Fähigkeit zur Kooperation und Beziehungsgestaltung
S5: Fähigkeit zur Selbstreflexion
Lernziele The students
  • are able to describe the organisation of the social and health care system in their country and make themselves understood with students of other health and social profession from other countries.
  • are able to discuss similarities and differences of the presented social and health care systems using a systematic approach.
  • are able to distinguish different types of interprofessional collaboration within selected social and health care institutions.
  • are able to reflect the interprofessional cooperation in their own professional work field.
Lerninhalte (Abstract) Students of ZHAW (School of Health Professions or School of Social Work) will meet in order to exchange professional skills and ideas. The focal point of the week (Monday-Friday) will be discussing and working the problems concerning the subject of interprofessional cooperation within the broad field of health and social care. Lecturers and students will present the organisation of the health and social system in their own country including case studies, which allows discussing and reflecting different interprofessional methods. Study visits at the interface of the Swiss health and social care system will provide us with an insight into interprofessional approaches and challenges in practise. Furthermore, there will be a cultural excursion to the Swiss mountains and an international dinner during the week.
Leistungsnachweis(e) Oral presentation, compulsory attendance
Bibliografie Reeves, S., Lewin, S., Espin, S. & Zwarenstein, M. (2010).
Interprofessional teamwork for health and social care. Chichester, U.K.: Wiley-Blackwell.




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