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Module: Information Technology 2
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Information Technology 2


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Study Programme Biotechnology
Regulations Applicable RPO, 29 January 2008, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Academic Regulations, 15 Dec. 2009, Annex for the Bachelor of Biotechnology degree programme
Module Type  
X Compulsory Module    Elective Module    Optional Module
Planned Semester 2nd Semester
Module Coordinator René Hauck
Telephone / E-Mail +41 (0)58 934 55 65 / rene.hauck@zhaw.ch
René Hauch and scientific staff (Research Associates and Assistants)
Entrance Requirements Information Technology 1
Learning Outcomes and Competencies Discipline specific skills:
Students will learn how to
  • employ common IT tools in a professional way that is appropriate to the problem at hand.
  • analyse tasks and questions in a structured way.
  • prepare, analyse and visualise data.
  • collect, store and manage data.
Interdisciplinary skills:
Students will be able to
  • analyse problems by breaking them down into individual steps.
  • take a structured approach to solving a problem.
Module Content Numerics
Comprehensive introduction to the basics of Matlab, a programme for solving mathematical problems
Scalars, vectors, matrices, functions, graphs, algorithms

Descriptive Statistics
Basic introduction to a statistics program (R)
Data structures, functions, ratios, data analysis, visualisation

Basic introduction to data storage in relational databases (Access)
Tables, relations, data modelling, queries, forms
Follow-up Modules -
Methods of Instruction  Lectures and exercises
Digital Resources Moodle
Lesson Structure / Workload  
 Contact Hours 30
 Guided Self-Study -
 Independent Self-Study 30
 Total Workload 60
Classroom Attendance -
Assessment Written exam at the end of the semester (60%) / e-assement
Mid-semester exams (40%): 2 written tests

If there is a low number of participants, the lecturer may change the form of a repeat examination after consultation with the head of the study programme: e.g. an oral examination can be used to replace a written one. Please report any changes to the form of examinations by e-mail to pruefungsadmin.lsfm@zhaw.ch and Cc. Head of study programme.
Language of Instruction  German
Comments The Information Technology 2 module is part of the Mathematics 2 module group.


Course: Information Technology 2
Information Technology 2


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