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Module: Cellular Biology and Cell Culture Technology 1 Practical
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Cellular Biology and Cell Culture Technology 1 Practical


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Study Programme Biotechnology
Regulations Applicable RPO, 29 January 2008, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Academic Regulations, 15 Dec. 2009, Annex for the Bachelor of Biotechnology degree programme
Module Type  
X Compulsory Module    Elective Module    Optional Module
Planned Semester 3rd Semester
Module Coordinator Regine Eibl
Telephone / E-Mail +41 (0)58 934 57 13 / regine.eibl@zhaw.ch
Cell Biology: Jack Rohrer and Teaching Assistants
Cell Culture Technology: Regine Eibl, Iris Poggendorf and Teaching Assistants
Entrance Requirements Natural Sciences Biology and Chemistry 1 module
Learning Outcomes and Competencies The practical course consists of tasks to complete in both cell biology and in cell culture technology. Students will acquire the ability to independently plan and carry out the basic techniques for the storage, establishment, maintenance and propagation of plant cell and tissue cultures as well as animal and human cells. In addition to aseptic work methods, the focus will be on compliance with Good Laboratory Practice.
Module Content Cell Biology
In cell biology, different mammalian cell lines (ML4, mouse hybridoma cell line and HeLa, human cervical cancer cell line) are cultivated, their biological properties are characterised and antibody production is carried out on an mL scale. The following work techniques are introduced:
  • Cell microscopy
  • Cell density and vitality determination
  • Long-term storage in liquid N2
  • Passaging(suspension cells as well as adherent cells)
Start of antibody production in different culture vessels (Erlenmeyer, roller and spinner bottles)
  • Quantitative antibody titer determination using ELISA
  • Apoptosis detection and chromosome analysis by fluorescence microscopy (specimens provided)
Cell culture technology
Cell culture technology includes a block focusing on plant cell and tissue culture technology and a block focusing on animal cell culture technology with the following key areas:

Plant cell and tissue culture block:
  • Callus induction and establishment of suspension cultures (Nicotiana tabacum and Vitis vinifera).
  • Staining and passaging of plant cells (callus and suspension of Nicotiana tabacum and Vitis vinifera).
  • Recording of a growth curve of a suspension culture of Vitis vinifera (determination of biomass fresh weight, pcv, conductivity, etc.).
  • Slow-growth storage of plant suspension cells using the example of Vitis vinifera.
Animal cell culture block:
  • Manual and automated cell analysis (cell density, substrate and metabolites, confluence) with CHO XM 111-10, CHO DP-12 and Expi CHO-S cells.
  • Trypsinisation and shake-off procedures with adherently growing CHO DP12 cells as well as Sf-9 cells (T-bottle cultures).
  • Culturing, passage and expansion of Expi CHO-S suspension cells in a shake flask to record a growth curve.
  • Freezing of suspension cells cultivated in chemically defined media using the example of Expi CHO-S cells.
Follow-up Modules Cell Biology 2 and Cell Culture Technology 2
Methods of Instruction  Exercises, protocols, presentations, independent self-study
Digital Resources Video resources
Lesson Structure / Workload  
 Contact Hours 52
 Guided Self-Study 6
 Independent Self-Study 32
 Total Workload 90
Classroom Attendance Yes
Assessment Written assignment (protocol) 100%
Language of Instruction  German
Comments For each experiment and group, a protocol is to be produced. Failure to comply with the work and safety regulations will lead to exclusion from the practical concerned. Should a student be excluded from the practical or have an unexcused absence, a technical paper on the practical’s topic of focus in the (approx. 10 pages) must be written instead, which will then be graded (grade achieved must be at least a 4.0).


Course: Cellular Biology and Cell Culture Technology 1 Practical
Cellular Biology and Cell Culture Technology 1 Practical


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