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Module: Individual Skills I (2 ECTS-Credits)
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Individual Skills I (2 ECTS-Credits)


Version: 3.0 start 01 August 2023


Degree Program MSc in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems
Workload 60h
Module Coordinator Andri Krügel
Lecturers -
Entry Requirements Approved application with:
  • detailed description of educational content
  • the competences that will be developed
  • the necessary deliverables
  • time requirement
  • amount of ECTS that will be received
  • type and extent of the assessment taken at the ZHAW
The module coordinator approves the application.
Learning Outcome and  Competences Professional competences:
The students…
  • achieve professional competences that are relevant to their degree or their personal career goals.
  • achieve professional competences that are relevant to their degree or related career goals

Interdisciplinary competences:
The students…
  • can autonomously plan and implement the necessary work process
  • justify and reflect their approach
  • strengthen their self-efficacy by carrying out the necessary tasks with their individual skills, taking on responsibility and taking decisions
  • reflect the results critically
  • reflect their acquired competences and document them accordingly
Module Content The module content depends on the planned activities and the pursued competences that need to be achieved. The content is described and agreed on individually in the application.

The competences can be developed using different approaches. Examples include:
  • Visiting modules from other ZHAW degrees or other higher education institutions with relevant contents.
  • Taking other kinds of educational courses (e.g., MOOCs, Summer Schools etc.)
  • Working on research or service projects at the LSFM department.
  • Working on a self-created practical project (e.g., based on their employment in a relevant field).
  • Student involvement (for example in ZHAW projects)
Teaching / Learning Methods Methods can include:
  • Self-study
  • Reflection
  • Group work
Assessment of Learning
Predicate 100% (passed / failed):

The assessment and the corresponding assessment criteria will be defined by the module coordinator and are indicated in the application.

Obligatory assessment:
  • Main assessment (various formats possible, e.g., report, presentation, reflection, discussion, written reflection. Must include a self-reflection part)
  • Contribution to the Individual Skills platform (various formats possible)
In case of failed assessment, the following options are possible:
  1. The failed assessments may be resubmitted (in case of written work) or a supplementary examination can be carried out (in case of oral assessment). Counts as first attempt.
  2. The failed assessments can be repeated the next time they are scheduled in the regular timetable. Counts as second attempt.
Bibliography -
Language Dependent on the supervisor and the student (ENG/GER)
Comments The module Individual Skills is not a course with regular lectures but rather a container so that the students can develop individual and relevant competences outside of the normal curriculum. During this process they are supported, and the competence development is assessed.

The competence development needs to be undertaken during the study degree, must be carried out independently and assessed by the ZHAW.

The student and coach can work together to determine and reflect upon the modules or courses that are to be completed. There are various options open to students to acquire the necessary skills. The student can choose how many modules and what size modules they would like to take. It is possible for multiple students to work on a group project for Individual Skills. Options and conditions need to be discussed with the module coordinator and / or supervisor.



Course: Individual Skills I (2 ECTS-Credits)
Individual Skills I (2 ECTS-Credits)


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