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Modul: Regenerative Business Models and Finance
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Regenerative Business Models and Finance


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Degree Program MSc in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems
Workload 90h
Module Coordinator Fabian Danko
Lecturers Fabian Danko, Andreas Schweizer, Dr. Julia Meyer
Entry Requirements Students should be able to
  • describe company forms and structures, explain core processes and derive the connection to a business plan.
  • apply selected sustainable business management and creation methods.
  • describe the differences between linear and circular economies and devise innovation potential for the agro-food industry.
Learning Outcome and  Competences Students will be able to
  • distinguish (alternative) economic concepts and identify transformation potential in agro-food business model and discuss these concepts in an economic and scientific context.
  • describe selected financing methods and instruments for various forms of organisation from the point of view of the investor.
  • integrate selected financing methods and instruments for various forms of organisation into the own business plan.
  • apply selected financial management and analysis methods and interpret them in relation to the stringency of a business plan.
  • reflect on specific legal aspects in the context of the agro-food industry.
  • understand the principles of sustainability and ethically responsible behaviour from the financial perspective.
Module Content This module examines the basic concepts of financial and operational accounting, financing models, modern financial theory, and business tools. This includes various topics such as financing decisions of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial firms, capital structure decision making and the ways to exit ventures.
Additionally, some specific legal aspects (patents, copyright etc.) are explored as well. Conventional and alternative economic concepts will be also discussed and linked with some considerations in the field of sustainable financing.
The implementation of the canvas model in business plans (mini-case), the development of financial concepts and the presentation of financial reports make it possible to apply what has been learned in practice.
Teaching / Learning Methods
  • Lectures
  • Group work and presentation
  • Group discussions
  • Analysis of practical examples and discussions with practitioners
Assessment of Learning
Predicate (passed / failed) 100%:
  • Oral presentation and defence of the mini-case business plan 50%
  • Written documentation of the mini-case business plan 50%
In case of failed assessment, the following options are possible:
  1. The failed assessments may be resubmitted (in case of written work) or a supplementary examination can be carried out (in case of oral assessment). Counts as first attempt.
  2. The failed assessments can be repeated the next time they are scheduled in the regular timetable. Counts as second attempt.
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Kurs: Regenerative Business Models and Finance
Regenerative Business Models and Finance


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