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Modul: Agro Food Project 2 – Sustainable Business Model Canvas
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Agro Food Project 2 – Sustainable Business Model Canvas


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Degree Program MSc in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems
Workload 210h: contact hours 40h (20%), self-study (guided) 170h (80%)
Module Coordinator Thorsten Merkle
Lecturers Guest lecturers, mentors
Entry Requirements Students should be able to:
  • describe corporate forms and structures, explain core processes, and derive the connection to a business model.
  • select and apply various innovation methods in a solution-oriented manner.
  • understand and apply team collaboration methods, considering topics such as culture and diversity.
  • apply selected instruments and methods for the establishment and management of sustainable businesses.
Learning Outcome and  Competences Students will be able to
  • use the Sustainable Business Model Canvas to develop regenerative and innovative business models and explain them at a level appropriate to their audience.
  • critically analyse other business ideas based on the Sustainable Business Model Canvas and provide constructive feedback on how to further develop ideas.
  • accept criticism and feedback, reflect on it and implement lessons learned.
  • apply methods appropriate for their projects and implement their findings.
  • distinguish between different prototyping methods and assess them based on their suitability for a certain project.
  • reflect on the level of cooperation within their team, considering topics such as culture and diversity, and develop goals for improvements.
  • reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, be aware of necessary complementary skills within their team and identify opportunities to develop further.
  • identify and select relevant stakeholders and engage in talks with them to develop their business model.
Module Content Students learn to apply knowledge gained from the previous module within the framework of the Sustainable Business Model Canvas and communicate and explain the regenerative business model derived from it. In doing so, they learn to critically examine other Sustainable Business Model Canvases and provide constructive feedback. Equally, they should also be able to incorporate and effectively implement feedback on their own Sustainable Business Model Canvas. To successfully conduct stakeholder talks for their Sustainable Business Model Canvas, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of interview techniques. They also learn about prototyping methods and how to select them according to their needs.
Teaching / Learning Methods
  • Workshops
  • Group work (including presentation)
  • Reflection
  • Mentoring discussions
  • Lectures
  • Case-related field research / excursions
Assessment of Learning
Performance grade 100%:
  • Written documentation of the Sustainable Business Model Canvas 70%
  • Oral presentation of the Sustainable Business Model Canvas  30%
In case of failed assessment, the following options are possible:
1. The failed assessments may be resubmitted (in case of written work and grade between 3.5 and 3.99) or a supplementary examination can be carried out (in case of oral assessment). Counts as first attempt.
2. The failed assessments can be repeated the next time they are scheduled in the regular timetable. Counts as second attempt.
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Language English
Comments Follow-up Modules: Agro Food Project 3, Agro Food Project 4


Kurs: Agro Food Project 2 – Sustainable Business Model Canvas
Agro Food Project 2 – Sustainable Business Model Canvas


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