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Modul: Master Thesis
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Master Thesis


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Degree Program MSc in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems
Workload 300h
Module Coordinator Maya Ladner
Lecturers Supervisor from the ZHAW assigned based on the topic of the master's thesis
Entry Requirements Students should be able to
  • plan scientific work and carry it out independently.
Learning Outcome and  Competences Students will be able to
  • develop research questions.
  • select and apply appropriate scientific methods.
  • analyse, interpret and discuss the knowledge and insights gained from the methods applied.
  • reflect on their master's thesis in relation to their previous Agro Food Project.
Module Content The students work on their master's thesis individually, basing it on their Agro Food Project. The following tasks are completed independently:
  • Development of a research question
  • Submission of a thesis proposal
  • Definition of methods and tools
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Interpretation and discussion
  • Writing the report
Teaching / Learning Methods
  • Independent preparation of a scientific paper
Assessment of Learning
Performance Grade 100%:
  • Written documentation of the master’s thesis 70%
  • Presentation and defence of the master’s thesis 30%
In case of failed assessment, the following options are possible:
1. The failed assessments may be resubmitted (in case of written work and grade between 3.5 and 3.99) or a supplementary examination can be carried out (in case of oral assessment). Counts as first attempt.
2. The failed assessments can be repeated the next time they are scheduled in the regular timetable. Counts as second attempt.
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Kurs: Master Thesis
Master Thesis


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