n.MA.ENR.PWRG1.22HS (Project Work in Research Group 1) 
Modul: Project Work in Research Group 1
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Project Work in Research Group 1


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Degree Program
MSc in Environment and Natural Resources
180 h (of which a minimum of 108h self-study)
Module Coordinator
Daniela Harlinghausen
Tutors from the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences and the degree programme partner institutions.
Entry Requirements
Students should be able to:
  • identify the major issues, viewpoints, concepts, and research methods in their topic area.
Learning Outcome and Competences
Students will be able to:
  • clearly convey in-depth subject-specific knowledge, both in written and spoken form.
  • analyse and process their subject-specific knowledge.
  • perform comprehensive problem analyses and formulate specific questions.
  • use these specific questions to develop a realistic project plan for a project proposal.
  • take responsibility for independently planning and organising a project.
Module Content
The main focus of the module is to develop a project proposal for a research or development project, using a chosen set of research methods (scientific or socio-economic). Students are given the opportunity to participate in preliminary work for future project proposals and/or the chance to complete specific tasks during the development of a project proposal. Both of these scenarios may involve many of the different elements of a proposal, such as formulation of a research question, justification of a project's scope, budget allocation, grant selection, etc.

Student tasks include:
  • individually developing (parts of) project proposals
  • defining the current state of research and the literature
  • creating hypotheses and formulating research questions
  • preparing a project plan, including the necessary personnel, material resources, and financing conditions
  • Further tasks and scope can be individually defined in consultation with the tutor and specified in writing.
The module content is designed to correspond with the selected research approach, provide an appropriate workload, and include the main scientific components of a project proposal. In consultation with the module tutor and after determining the total workload, it may also be possible for students to extend the scope of their work to produce a completed project proposal.
Teaching / Learning Methods
  • Individual and guided self-study
  • Practice-oriented learning
  • Applied research in a specific topic area
Assessment of Learning
Written work as agreed upon. Previously submitted work may be improved upon and resubmitted, provided that the original submission was awarded a grade of between 3.50 and 3.99. A passing resubmission will be awarded a grade of 4.00.
At the beginning of the module, the students and the tutors select literature that is appropriate to the context.
German or English
Organisation of Work:

Generally speaking, Project Work 1 and 2 require the students to be actively involved in a research group. This includes project work, the preparation of proposals, taking part in meetings and other research group activities (project meetings, field research excursions, etc.). Furthermore, students will also be responsible for managing communications with their tutor.
How the work is organised will be discussed at the beginning of the semester and recorded in writing as part of the Tutorial Agreement.