s.BA.SA.S-BRUX-0.11HS (67 Social Days in Brussels) 
Modul: 67 Social Days in Brussels
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67 Social Days in Brussels
SB Bachelor


Version: 5.0 gültig ab 01.02.2019
Fachbereich Departement Soziale Arbeit
Studiengang Bachelor in Sozialer Arbeit
Modulniveau Intermediate
Modultyp Related
Angebot Frühlingssemester
Workload  (in Stunden)
Kontaktstudium 24                              
Begleitetes Selbststudium 18
Autonomes Selbststudium 18
Gesamt 60
Verantwortliche Ansprechperson
Telefon / E-Mail
Weitere Dozierende
Dr. Rahel Strohmeier Navarro Smith
+41 58 934 88 63 / rahel.strohmeier@zhaw.ch
Isabelle Steiner, Bachelor of Social Work
+41 58 934 88 79 / isabelle.steiner@zhaw.ch
Dr. Silke Vlecken
+41 58 934 89 19 / silke.vlecken@zhaw.ch
Kompetenzen Fachkompetenz:
F9: Wissen über internationale Kontexte und Entwicklungen
      in der Sozialen Arbeit
F1: Wissen über die Gesellschaft und die gesellschaftlichen
S4: Fähigkeit zum Umgang mit Diversität und Heterogenität
Lernziele The students
  • are able to make themselves understood with Social Work students from various European countries and exchange ideas on specialized subjects
  • are familiar with the fundamentals of the functions and institutions of the European Union with regard to important social/socio-political questions
  • are aware of current socio-political debates at European Union level
  • are able to work out their own personal theses and adopt scientifically sound positions with regard to aspects of a Social Europe and to bring them up in discussions.
Lerninhalt The “Brussels Week“ takes place in a training centre near Leuven (Belgium). Meeting to exchange professional skills and ideas will be some 100 students and 15 lecturers in Social Work from Tallinn (Estonia), Munich (Germany), Leuven/ Louvain (Belgium), Groningen (Netherlands), Malaga (Spain) and Zurich. The focal point of the week (Monday-Thursday) will be discussing and working on problems concerning the subject of “Labour in Europe and Social Work“. Experts, Lecturers and EU Members of Parliament will present papers and will be available for discussion. The students themselves will provide their own input; in workshops they will exchange knowledge and experience based on their own individual countries.

In the course of the week there is an excursion to Brussels, with a visit to the European Parliament, where there will be an opportunity to gain inside knowledge of the institutions, functions and the mandatory representatives of the European Union.
Lehr- und Lernformen Integrierte Lernaufgaben; Theorie-Praxis-Transfer und
Fallbearbeitung in Gruppen
Leistungsnachweis(e) Testat
Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse,
Alle Module 2. Semester gemäss „Anhang Studienordnung für den Bachelorstudiengang Soziale Arbeit an der ZHAW“ (Module 06 bis 11)
Bemerkungen Maximum number of participants: 12.
Dates: 31st March 2019 (day of travel) until 4th April 2019
Travel costs to Brussels/Leuven are to be covered by the students.