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Exam preparation: English C1 (Advanced/CAE), part 1 (Winterthur) - Kurs A
As regulated in the Covid-19 protection concept of the ZHAW, this face-to-face course can only be attended with a valid Covid certificate. This two-semester course prepares participants for a C1 exam (Advanced/CAE). The participants can practise their listening and speaking skills while also expanding their vocabulary and use of English [in small groups]. Between lessons participants have access to a variety of self-study material to revise the content of each session and to practise their reading and writing skills. In addition, they have the opportunity to ask the teacher questions and to get feedback on their work. The course forms the first part of a two-semester course at the end of which the participants should be able to take an internationally recognised exam.
The course prepares participants for a C1 exam (Advanced/CAE). The costs for the exam are not included in the course fee.
Zielpublikum und Voraussetzungen
Staff and students of ZHAW/ZHdK and other people having a good B2 / C1 level competency in English
Entrance level: B2 +
You should obtain at least 20 points on the following test:
Cambridge Online Test:
Participants are expected to do some work outside the classroom and take an active role in the classes
Exam preparation course for C1 exam (Advanced/CAE) in the four skills speaking, writing, listening and reading.
Communicative language teaching
  • multilingualism
  • communication
Course organisation: Office ILC Institute of Language Competence
Course content: Danae Perez,
Daten / Kosten
Semester course, 05.10.2021 – 21.12.2021, Tuesdays, 18:00 – 19:30
ZHAW/ZHdK students: CHF 408
ZHAW/ZHdK staff: CHF 504
External participants: CHF 576
Excluding course material and exam fees
SoE students can participate for a reduced fee of 80 CHF (the remaining course costs will be covered by SoE)
Application ZHdK staff and students
Application External participants
Application ZHAW staff and students: see last field on the form
Applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis.
Curtis Gautschi
ZHAW, Theaterstrasse 15c, 8401 Winterthur
05.10.2021 - 21.12.2021
12 Wochen
L ILC Sprachenzentrum
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