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Module: Intercultural Competence (optional module)
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Intercultural Competence (optional module)


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Study Programme Biotechnology
Regulations Applicable RPO, 29 January 2008, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Academic Regulations, 15 Dec. 2009, Annex for the Bachelor of Biotechnology degree programme
Module Type  
  Compulsory Module    Elective Module  X Optional Module
Planned Semester 4th - 6th Semester
Module Coordinator Daphne Zeyen
Telephone / E-Mail +41 (0)xx xxx xx xx / Daphne.Zeyen@zhaw.ch
Daphne Zeyen and various lecturers
Entrance Requirements -
Learning Outcomes and Competencies
  • Social competence:
    Ability to work in intercultural teams, ability to change perspectives, empathy, tolerance, sense of initiative.
  • Self-competence:
    Motivation to learn new things, openness, flexibility, pluralistic thinking, stress resistance
  • Methodological competences:
    Ability to reflect on one's own and others' actions, ability to deal with (cultural) differences in a solution-oriented way
  • Professional competences:                                             Knowledge of various models for explaining cultural differences, differentiated background knowledge of the target country or of intercultural working contexts in the home country.
Module Content
  • Supra-disciplinary offers for the acquisition of intercultural competences (e.g. approaches to cultural differences: Overview and practical application; dealing with intercultural conflicts; cooperation in intercultural teams).
  • Target country-specific elements (acquisition of in-depth background knowledge on the cultural, economic, political and social situation) or elements on intercultural work contexts in the home country
  • Tandem programme (moderated online exchange of experiences)
Follow-up Modules -
Methods of Instruction 
  • Self-study in e-learning mode
  • Face-to-face workshops to apply and consolidate what has been learned in e-learning mode
Digital Resources Moodle page with e-learning elements and other digital learning resources
Lesson Structure / Workload  
 Contact Hours 12
 Guided Self-Study 10
 Independent Self-Study 30
 Total Workload 60
Classroom Attendance Yes (1 absence with a compensation possible)
Assessment Predicate 100%: Two individual certificates of achievement (reflection paper in the 1st semester; reflection video, podcast or paper in the 2nd semester)
Language of Instruction  German and English
Comments The elective course is not relevant for promotion and is not taken into account for the degree. The assessment of the performance and the credits earned are only shown on the data transcript.


Course: Intercultural Competence (optional course)
Intercultural Competence (optional course)


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