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Module: Project Planning 1
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Project Planning 1


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Study Programme Biotechnology
Regulations Applicable RPO, 29 January 2008, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Academic Regulations, 15 Dec. 2009, Annex for the Bachelor of Biotechnology degree programme
Module Type  
X Compulsory Module    Elective Module    Optional Module
Planned Semester 4th Semester
Module Coordinator Dieter Eibl
Telephone / E-Mail +41 (0)58 934 57 11 / dieter.eibl@zhaw.ch
Dieter Eibl and various lecturers
Entrance Requirements Industrial Systems 1 and 2, Bioprocess Engineering
Learning Outcomes and Competencies In the Project Planning 1 module, students learn how to project plan biotechnological facilities and to prepare the necessary project documentation. They are also familiarised with modern CAD systems for project planning of facilities.
Module Content Theoretical background for the preparation of project documentation for:
  • Preliminary project (case study)
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Qualifying
  • Facility and operating documentation
Advanced CAD
  • AutoCad
  • Inventor
Follow-up Modules Project Planning 2
Methods of Instruction  Lecture-style instruction, tasks to complete, independent self-study
Digital Resources AutoCad and Inventor tutorial
Lesson Structure / Workload  
 Contact Hours 24
 Guided Self-Study 4
 Independent Self-Study 32
 Total Workload 60
Classroom Attendance Advanced CAD
Assessment Coursework 100%: Mid-term exam
Language of Instruction  German
Comments The Project Planning 1 module is part of the Bioprocess Development and Bioengineering 1 module group


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Course: Project Planning 1
Project Planning 1


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