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Modul: Food Tech Architecture – Design of Regenerative Technologies
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Food Tech Architecture – Design of Regenerative Technologies


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Degree Program MSc in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems
Workload 120h
Module Coordinator Tilo Hühn
Lecturers Tilo Hühn and various lecturers
Entry Requirements Students should be able to:
  • describe the central methods and processes that influence the life cycle of food and food products and assign, interpret and model them in relation to value creation.
  • describe value networks using a sub-sector as an example and identify potential opportunities for regeneration.
Learning Outcome and  Competences Students will be able to:
  • explain, model and evaluate selected technologies, processes and systems for regenerative, dynamic, technological food value creation systems.
  • optimise foodstuffs, processes or services using models based on existing or created data, with the aim of developing and evaluating needs-based, regenerative solutions.
Module Content This module examines the technologies and processes relevant to the food industry in terms of food value creation (local and global). The students not only learn to recognise and understand such technologies and processes, but also to describe, record, implement and evaluate them. State-of-the-art technologies are presented and explained using practical examples. The aim is also to adapt and optimise existing technologies and processes in order to make them more regenerative and expedient. Practical relevance is guaranteed through practical exercises and excursions (factory and laboratory).
Teaching / Learning Methods
  • Lectures
  • Practical exercises
  • Excursions
  • Seminar lessons
  • Problem-based learning
  • Case study work
Assessment of Learning
Predicate (passed / failed) 100%:
  • Oral presentation of model concepts 30%
  • Written documentation of model concepts 70%
In case of failed assessment, the following options are possible:
1. The failed assessments may be resubmitted (in case of written work) or a supplementary examination can be carried out (in case of oral assessment). Counts as first attempt.
2. The failed assessments can be repeated the next time they are scheduled in the regular timetable. Counts as second attempt.
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Language English
Comments Follow-up Modules: Food Systems Architecture – Design of Regenerative Networks



Kurs: Food Tech Architecture – Design of Regenerative Technologies
Food Tech Architecture – Design of Regenerative Technologies


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