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Module: Cell Culture Technology 2
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Cell Culture Technology 2


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Study Programme Biotechnology
Regulations Applicable RPO, 29 January 2008, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Academic Regulations, 15 Dec. 2009, Annex for the Bachelor of Biotechnology degree programme
Module Type  
X Compulsory Module    Elective Module    Optional Module
Planned Semester 4th Semester
Module Coordinator Regine Eibl
Telephone / E-Mail +41 (0)58 934 57 13 / regine.eibl@zhaw.ch
Regine Eibl and various lecturers
Entrance Requirements Cell Biology 1, Cell Culture Technology 1, Bioprocess Engineering 1
Learning Outcomes and Competencies First and foremost, the theoretical basics are taught in class for the planning as well as the realisation of antibody productions with CHO cells growing in suspension. Furthermore, students deal with the modelling of CHO cell growth and learn about important levers for increasing process efficiency in upstream processing. Upon completion of the module, students should be able to evaluate the correct strategy for process intensification and apply this in practice. In this context, they should also be able to describe factors influencing product quality.
The module also focuses on microcarrier technology for the cultivation of mammalian cells growing in suspension, but also those growing adherently, and on production processes based on insect cells and baculoviruses. Students should be aware of the differences from the mAb production processes covered previously and be able to apply developments that facilitate process scale-up such as the TIPS (titerless infected-cells preservation and scale-up) process or bead-to-bead transfer. This module is the basis for the cell culture technology 2 practicals.
Module Content The module consists of 3 blocks:
Block 1: mAb production with CHO cells growing in suspension
  • Brief repetition of necessary basics of cell culture as well as bioprocess technology
  • Complete mAb production (current and previous)
  • Modern USP of mammalian cell-based mAb productions and starting points to increase efficiency (T-shift, perfusion)
  • N-1 seed perfusion for superintensive inoculum production
  • High-seed fed-batch productions
  • Concentrated fed-batch
  • Continuous mAb productions
  • Special features of agitation and gassing in mAb productions
  • Harvesting and product separation in mAb productions
  • Cell growth modelling in mAb production processes
Block 2: Microcarrier technology and its challenges in the cultivation of mammalian cells growing both in suspension and adherently.
  • Historical excursus and main applications
  • Microcarrier types, their selection and suitable bioreactors
  • Development of microcarrier-based processes
  • Processes with bead-to-bead transfer
Block 3: Production processes with insect cells and baculoviruses
  • History
  • Cell lines
  • Special features of insect cell cultivation compared to mammalian cells
  • Insect cell metabolism and culture media
  • Two-phase vs. single-phase processes (TIPS procedures)
  • Virus-like particle – vaccine production
Follow-up Modules Cell Culture Technology 2 practicals
Methods of Instruction  Lectures, tasks to complete, tests
Digital Resources Modelling software BioProzess Trainer
Lesson Structure / Workload  
 Contact Hours 30
 Guided Self-Study 10
 Independent Self-Study 20
 Total Workload 60
Classroom Attendance None
Assessment Written mid-term exam 100% as e-assessment, no assessed coursework

If there is a low number of participants, the lecturer may change the form of a repeat examination after consultation with the head of the study programme: e.g. an oral examination can be used to replace a written one. Please report any changes to the form of examinations by e-mail to pruefungsadmin.lsfm@zhaw.ch and Cc. Head of study programme.
Language of Instruction  German
Comments The module Cell Culture Technology 2 is part of the Natural Sciences 4 module group.


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ISBN 978-3-030-79870-3


Course: Cell Culture Technology 2
Cell Culture Technology 2


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